Reiki – an energy medicine method

There are many energy medicine methods that can help us achieve health and increased well-being, of which Reiki is one. Reiki is Japanese and means Universal Life Energy. It can also be said to be a healing method. But Reiki is not an ordinary healing method, because the healer is not involved in the process, but is only a channel for the energy, which automatically goes where it is most needed by the recipient. Therefore, the Reiki method is a very safe, yet powerful method. Anyone who wants to can learn to channel Reiki and then give Reiki to themselves or to other people, animals, plants, places, situations… Yes, to everything you can spread these loving healing energies.

Our classes are in Swedish, but sometimes also in English if needed.
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What is healing?

When we talk about being healed, it’s not just about physical healing from illnesses, but just as much mental and spiritual healing, which is often even more important. So being healed does not have to mean being cured. Sometimes it can be about alleviating or eliminating side effects during a medical treatment. Reiki is also a method for personal development and a great help in everyday life: Help to quit smoking, help to relax in stressful situations, get better sleep, an extra boost of energy when needed, etc. Even on the deathbed, Reiki is a great help for a harmonious transition to the other side.

Reiki starts processes of change

When Reiki starts the flow of energy, processes are started that cleanse the body of what is not natural and healthy. The cleansing actually affects all dimensions of the person, which means that the social plane is also affected. Therefore, you have to be ready for changes when working with Reiki. The change processes that can be set in motion are always good, as they always move you in the direction of your true self.

Reiki – a researched and documentet care method

Although Reiki works whether you believe it or not, it is important for many to understand how it works, and that it is scientifically documented and accepted. Of course Reiki is spiritual, and of course Reiki’s results are often unpredictable, but it can still be explained with energy theories. There is a lot of good literature that explains how Reiki and other energy medicine methods work. However, no matter how much you read, you can never really understand what Reiki is and how it works, until you have experienced the healing energies and experienced a treatment.

Reiki has become an increasingly explored nursing method in recent decades, largely thanks to the introduction of the energy medicine method Therapeutic Touch in healthcare in the United States and has paved the way for other similar methods. Even Reiki has now become integrated into conventional care in several countries and is now available as continuing education for nurses in the United States. There are more and more reports and studies about the Reiki method, and thanks to all the accumulated clinical documentation and the scientific studies showing that Reiki is a risk-free nursing/treatment method that can increase well-being, Reiki can be considered ”based on science and proven experience”. However, it is important that it is managed according to standard practice – documentation, evaluation, etc., and as a complement to conventional care! Note that Reiki is not yet officially approved by the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare! Thus, there may be legal trials if questionable cases arise.

On the research page there are references and links to research, clinical documentation and energy theories so that we can all help spread ”new” and important knowledge. Then more people can open their eyes to these natural energies that help the body regain balance and initiate healing processes.

Reiki is health care

A Reiki course can be counted as health care according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules. The Swedish Tax Agency has approved Reiki as a health care method, both as treatment and as training for self-help. This means that the cost for employers is deductible according to the usual rules, and that it is then a tax-free benefit for the employee. Read about the regulations for health care on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

Those who are on long-term sick leave also have a chance to receive compensation for treatment and course costs from the Social Insurance Agency. However, it varies greatly whether such an application is granted – both locally and regionally.

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